Entry #1

I might as well

2008-01-16 14:35:51 by Ayad

Might as well post something.
Currently: Chewing tobacco (grizzly wintergreen) in my university library.
Currently thinking: where the hell I should spit...

...no one's going to notice if I just PFTWOH on the floor.

While everyone's studying or checking their facebook (to see if that one girl or guy) made a comment on thier wall, I'm watching cartoons. Pshh, Myspace, Facebook f*** that right now. (is it against the rules to swear?) Alright Newgrounds, I'm not just ganna be some guy that made an account, putting his pretty face for the default picture, and do nothing. I'll make the promise to work hard, special just the freedom Newgrounds provides; it's already set in the works..I'm gathering a team to create some flash cartoon because of the awesomness we saw here. We can't wait to laugh at comments from people telling me I suck. YAY. I'm looking forward to it


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2008-01-16 15:29:52

Interesting post :D